At Kritikids Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Pharmaceutical Division), we are committed towards delivering quality products & services at affordable & competitive rates, ensuring timely deliveries & promptly settling queries. We believe that if we chase quality, quantity will automatically chase us. We promote wellness by a continual monitoring of products by dedicated quality assurance and regularly upgrading our products with a well formed research wing. We strongly take care that our products meet relevant  internal & pharmacopoeial standards & statutory requirements. currently, we offer  tablets, capsules,dry syrup, injections in Cephalosporin, Beta-Lactum, non Beta-Lactum, Hormonal Products,Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements & “Me too” Products.

Our Events

  • 14 May-2016

    Training Session for Employees

    A five-day training session for the employees of Kritikids Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Pharmaceutical Division) was conducted by the sales manager of Kritikids Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Pharmaceutical Division) Mr. Ashwini Kumar. New products of the company were introduced and the employees were made acquainted with the practices of the trade....Read more


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  • We are very glad to be a part of the KRITIKIDS HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. (PHARMACEUTICAL DIVISION) DSPC team. We are the continuously responsible to improve patient health with maximum safety and care. We provide 24×7 facility to our patients to give maximum satisfaction with our products.

  • Being associated with Kritikids Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Pharmaceutical Division) gives us immense pleasure. We congratulate the company for their endeavours in bettering lives of people and wish them luck to achieve greater heights.

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